Hoffnung Mennonite Co-op

What can we say other than that cattle were meant to eat grass?! And that's exactly what these 100% grass-fed cattle from Hoffnung do. They're born and raised on a series of Mennonite Farms just outside Harrison Ontario; and are moved around each day from spring until fall on fresh pasture. During the winter they have full access to shelter, as well as the outdoors. They are allowed to forage as they see fit and are supplemented with a diet of silage and dried grass that have been produced within the co-op.

Bespoke Farms

Bespoke farms is a premium quality beef program which currently consists of thirty three family owned farms in Prince Edward Island. The Program is monitored by the PEI provincial government that ensures each cow is grass-fed through access to the iron rich pastures of PEI, and are finished during their last one hundred days on a high calorie diet of potatoes and alfalfa. This process produces cattle with the nutritional density of grass-fed beef, while providing the consistently high marbling associated with great taste. The cattle are never given prophylactic antibiotics and are completely hormone free. The farms are each audited at least once annually to ensure consistent quality and that these highest standards are always met.