How It All Started.


Towards the end of 2013, I was working for a business called Hooked. And we were doing some amazing things in the world of seafood. We had transparency and quality on our side. The business was constantly improving, and everyday Hooked was able to open new alleyways for everyday consumers to have access to great seafood that most people had never experienced in this great city. As a member of a great team that was not only supplying people with great products, but also arming people with the knowledge and confidence to eat well and healthfully, I was asked to teach a knife skills course for a group of home cooks. I was asked all sorts of great questions about the sustainability of our oceans, the health of our food and how to know what is marketing, and what is the truth. For the most part, I was able to at least guide the group in right direction and answer most of the questions. However, one question stuck with me. "The issues surrounding meat are easy, but how are we expected to know about seafood?"

The question was intended to tackle the lack of transparency in the seafood business, but it made me start questioning how transparent animal agriculture really was. I decided to do some research, and educate myself on the issues that perhaps, I, as well many others had always taken for granted. I had assumed the answers were easy.

Once I had started to learn, I realized that the same ideals that drive a business like Hooked, hadn't been fully realized for buying meat in a city like Toronto. That's where this all started.

One week from today, the doors will open on Bespoke Craft Butchers; the business product of that single question. The result of almost a full year worth of research, education, construction and sourcing. I hope that many of you, over the coming weeks and months will be able to stop by. You are what you Meat!