Beverly Creek


Is there any greater pleasure than the taste of Ontario grass-fed lamb? Much in the same way that cattle are meant to eat grass; sheep are too. That's why we work with farmers who raise lambs that are born in Ontario, and raised on grass. These beauties are from Beverly Creek in Millgrove, Ontario. They're raised completely without any antibiotics or hormones, and are grass-fed through a sustainable rotational grazing program where a large pasture is divided into 2 acre sections, and the lambs are moved from one to another each week. The lambs’ grass diet is supplemented with a mixed ration of grain and silage grown on the farm or on neighbouring farms, combined with brewer’s grain from area breweries. The flavour of these beautiful animals is unmatched in any lamb we have ever tasted.

Hoffnung Mennonite Cooperative, ON

We source some of our pasture raised lamb from this Coop, in Harris Ontario, who practises traditional and humane farming methods, producing some of the best lamb you will taste.